It's been awhile! Two Whole Updates!!!

July 4, 2016

Hey everyone! I've gone radio silence on you for a long while, but never fear I haven't forgot my resource pack! It's better then ever! 1.10 came out of the gate super quick, so I'm working on some things for this pack. Currently 1.10 is not suitable for release, but it will be super soon! (Like the next two weeks.) Hope the people checking out my page will get excited! See you soon. (Maybe more posts???) Feel free to jump over to the Planet Minecraft post and tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is always accepted with open arms!


Changes are below.


    - BLOCK : Added Purpur Blocks. (Regular and Pillar)
    - BLOCK : Changed Texture on Quartz Blocks. (Pillar, Chiseled and Regular)
    - BLOCK : Quartz Ore Slightly Adjusted.
    - BLOCK : End Stone Bricks Added. (Animation WIP)
    - BLOCK : End Rod Texture Added.
    - BLOCK : Chorus Fruit and Plant Textures Added.
    - ITEM : Lingering Potion Texture Added.
    - ITEM : Dragon's Breath Texture Added.
    - ITEM : Chorus Fruit Texture Added. (IT SINGS!)
    - ITEM : Popped Chorus Fruit Added. (Now more pentagoney...)
    - ITEM : Tipped Arrows Textureized!
    - ITEM : Spectral Arrow Smoothed.
    - ITEM : Nether Warts Texture Changed.
    - ITEM : Beetroot Texture Added.
    - ITEM : Beetroot Seeds Added.
    - ITEM : Beetroot Soup Added.
    - ITEM : End Crystal Texture Added -- Aswell as block.
    - ITEM : Elytra Textured.
    - ITEM : End Crystal Textured.
    - ITEM : Adjusted Hopper to match actual hopper block.
    - ITEM : Broken Elytra texture added.
    - SOUND : Doesn't the new nether portal sound seem fitting?
    - GUI : After much work the entire GUI has been rehauled. (Textures Fancier and Smoother)
    - MODEL : Redstone torch model fixed for 1.9.
    - MODEL : Fence models fixed for 1.9.
    - MODEL : Milk Bucket Model Added.
    - MODEL : Redstone Dust Model Added.
    - MODEL : Fence Model Fixed.
    - MODEL : Nether Wart Model Added.
    - MODEL : Ladder Model Added.
    - MODEL : Sugar Cane Model Addded.
    - MODEL : Door Model Fixed
    - PARTICLES : Particles updated to 32x

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