September 12, 2019

Hello to anyone who is reading this. I have been very busy with life, but I have finally come back and updated to the latest version. I am also planning some new things to come. A big problem I see is the lack of support for older version. I feel as a lot of people like to stay on the current version for servers and other things like modded. I am going to roll back to all the versions so everythin...

August 22, 2018

1.13 is released! Few textures are missing and they will be added soon. I got a majority of the Aquatic Update content added. Can't wait to add more! I am also planning on splitting these up into a model add-on and a large tools add-on (*hint* *hint*) Stay tuned!

November 8, 2016

With the snapshots coming out rapidly I updated my resource pack to support it. Currently the resource pack supports 1.10 and 1.11. You can view and download it on Planet Minecraft,  Curse and MC forums. Currently the update hasn't been added to the website, but it will be here very soon. For now...

Click Below to download the latest version:

July 4, 2016

Hey everyone! I've gone radio silence on you for a long while, but never fear I haven't forgot my resource pack! It's better then ever! 1.10 came out of the gate super quick, so I'm working on some things for this pack. Currently 1.10 is not suitable for release, but it will be super soon! (Like the next two weeks.) Hope the people checking out my page will get excited! See you soon. (Maybe more p...

March 6, 2015

- BLOCK : New Grass Block.

- BLOCK : Lantern now x32.

- BLOCK : Prismarine Variants changed and completed!

- BLOCK : New Noteblock Texture!

- BLOCK : Cocoa on the tree is not x32!

- BLOCK : New Dead Bush Texture!

- BLOCK : Podzol updated to new grass block!

- BLOCK : Mycelium updated to new grass block!

- BLOCK : Coarse Dirt updated!

- BLOCK : Ores's have been retextured to match the design of stone. Hope...

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Current Version: 1.13v1

In-Progress: 1.14v1, 1.13v2, 1.12v4


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